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First trip of the season to Dalby Forest

Early start to a Sunday morning saw us traing at Crosscliff in Dalby Forest. I took Basil, Mookie, Benny and Snowy out for a 3 mile loop. Had a few issues getting snowy and mookie to go round and not under the first forest gate. Then Benny decided he would go the opposite side of a post to the others, which brought him to a halt fairly quickly. Just running one team meant we did the whole trip in 3 hours.

First night rally is looming, guess we should charge the batteries.

Husky Wall Sticker goes on sale

Looks like Benny is going to be famous through his vinyl wall sticker. Originally intended as a one off commission by Wall Glamour, Rick has asked if they could sell it on their site.

So if you want a lovely husky puppy sticker for your wall – just go to Wall Glamour, choose your colour and buy this original design.

If you want one of your own dog, just contact them direct and Rick will quote.

Husky Wall Sticker

benny-wall-glamour1I got a surprise delivery today from my friend at Wall Glamour, the wall sticker people. Rick had taken one of my photos and turned it into a big wall sticker. I first wanted to put it above my desk at work, but then decided to take it home and place it in the kitchen.

Only took 5 minutes to put it up, most of that was just deciding what angle to put him at.

benny-wall-glamour2Look really cool and Benny keeps looking at it as he trots past.

Seven days of puppy love

benny-water-feederBenny has been with us now for just over seven days. He’s still an absolute joy to spend time with – whether that’s playing or cuddling. Making me late for work throughout the whole of last week.

He loves ripping up newspaper and pulling magazines out from the coffee table. Runs around the house like a crazy thing not really understanding that jumping over the bigger the dogs is not the correct thing to do. Leaps onto the sofa with ease and loves his toys.

He’s been very good at night, sleeping in his crate in our bedroom. Not causing any major grief, even if disturbed when I’ve been working late.

Husky number six

benny-to-yorkToday, we headed down south to collect our new puppy, Rigrunner Slider – or Benny as he will be known. He was very well behaved in the car, only howling for 5 minutes and then slept all of the way home.

Once home,introducing him to the older boys was not as simple as we’d hoped. All of the dogs are not interested in him and Mookie has decided that he really doesn’t need another pal at the moment.

Goodbye Teba

teba_barrelit’s not been the best 12 months for us with the dogs. on the afternoon of Monday, 6 July 2009, we said goodbye to our first husky, Teba. he lost his battle with a health issue that meant he struggled to keep his food down. he left us with just under 12 years of memories to look back on. he gave us the biggest cuddles in return for leaving the least amount of room on the sofa. with only three huskies left in the house, it’s starting to feel a little empty.

Elvis has left the building

elvis15 September 2008 will be remembered as one of the saddest days of our lives. elvis, our superstar, was taken too early from us, at the age of 8. an ordinary day started with 5 happy huskies leaving the bedroom and ended with us finding one sunbathing in the dog run with no pulse. a tumour in his heart had brought on a sudden fatal heart attack without any warning. he leaves us with 8 years of amazing memories. we’ve had many emails and messages from far and wide about elvis. he touched so many people with his kind ways and tom-foolery.

Simon Luxmoore wrote in Dogworld:

Recently the saddest news was that Guy and Helen Redwood have lost Elvis. This really pulls at the heart strings since he was so young. He had been trying for so long, finally succeeding, to win his title. That made him a familiar figure at shows yet he was not over shown. His final tally was five CCs and eight RCCs – he really did himself proud. It was very much a case of when he crossed the line he became very much recognised as a nice example of the breed.

It is pointless trying to understand the loss that is felt on an occasion like this but, as I have mentioned to Guy and Helen, they must cherish all those happy memories. We send them our sympathy.

Dogworld – 03 October 2008

The reality of his departure is still dawning on us. Helen has lost her champion show dog and I’ve lost half of my 2 dog race team. the arkward reality of husky ownership has meant our grief has eased and almost swept away by the four bundles of joy we have around the house. all I can do is celebrate my elvis with a smile from a memory and cuddle from his mates Teba, Baloo, Basil and his special soulmate Mookie.

SHCGB Northern Open Show 2008

well, it’s been over a year since we last wrote anything on here. we’ve both been way too busy with work, the dogs etc.

i decided to take a break from showing this year and spend more time at home in the garden and, with the way fuel prices are going, save some money. we will be doing a few shows, but more as a holiday than anything else so guy can go fishing. we had a nice weekend away in the Borders a few weeks ago, staying at a great B&B near Melrose (recently voted the best in scotland) for a few days before Border Union and then over to Carlisle for the club show. i’d missed the entry for Border Union so just entered Elvis in Veteran Dog at the club show under Yricka Gardner, which he came first in. the last show we did was darlington i think, so Elvis was full of himself and my handling skills were a bit rusty.