Live Husky Cam

Siberian Husky Dog Run

Siberian Husky Dog Run

5 thoughts on “Live Husky Cam

  1. Charlotte

    cool i love all dogs and i find it amazing how huskies adadpt to harsh weather conditions. If you could please give me so more informations, pictures ect.

  2. Graeme

    Sibes dont adjust to these conditions, this IS their condition, they love it!!!! They are the best dogs ever, especially if you have a large family like mine, they fit right in.

  3. karen

    i have a 6 month old black and white male husky he is just the best companion ever. the kids love him and were looking forward to a new arrival to join our family and become nukes sister in june shes a caramel and white blue eyed they are all so adorable. karen

  4. katie

    Hi this is great! I have a one year old husky called Mischa shes gold and white with a dusting of black with blue eyes. I love watching this to compare their behaviour with mine, they certainly can be lazy when they want!! although when on a walk she goes crackerdog in the park and can be a very strong willed and dominating to other family dogs!! We love her to bits shes highly intelligent too :)

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