Moving Husky Webcam

7 thoughts on “Moving Husky Webcam

  1. Angela

    What a lovely site – thank you so much for sharing! We have also have hens but also a border collie, an Alaskan Malamute, two parrots and three ponds full of fish! We are picking up our first Siberian Husky puppy next Wednesday to complete the family. She is a little grey and white girl with brown eyes and I just cannot wait!!! Thank you again – I have so enjoyed visiting your site – your whole family look gorgeous!!!!

  2. karen

    lol its just like watching nuke out of the window he loves climbing on the bench, top of his crate and the wall.

  3. katie

    Yes this web cam shows just what my husky is doing now sleeping v lazy!! its great to see other huskys because where i live in the lakedistrict i dont see many others about. Id love to see a husky race , allthough if my husky mischa did that she’d fall asleep he he .

  4. Lee McGinty

    I have my own Husky Girl but i do Love to Check the Web Cam To See What you Pack is Doing, Love the Dog Run too.

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