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Christmas Day Husky Mushing

We haven’t been out training for at least week due to the snowy weather conditions closing our training grounds. Snow is great, but it closes roads and makes trees fall down over trails.

After a late start to the day, we took the dogs out for a training run on some very frozen trails.We split the team up and ran two teams of two; Mookie with Benny and Basil with Snowy. Continue reading

Husky Wall Sticker goes on sale

Looks like Benny is going to be famous through his vinyl wall sticker. Originally intended as a one off commission by Wall Glamour, Rick has asked if they could sell it on their site.

So if you want a lovely husky puppy sticker for your wall – just go to Wall Glamour, choose your colour and buy this original design.

If you want one of your own dog, just contact them direct and Rick will quote.

Husky Wall Sticker

benny-wall-glamour1I got a surprise delivery today from my friend at Wall Glamour, the wall sticker people. Rick had taken one of my photos and turned it into a big wall sticker. I first wanted to put it above my desk at work, but then decided to take it home and place it in the kitchen.

Only took 5 minutes to put it up, most of that was just deciding what angle to put him at.

benny-wall-glamour2Look really cool and Benny keeps looking at it as he trots past.