Meet the dogs

Teba – Mikalya’s Teba

10 October 1997

our first husky, Teba is only 2 months older than Baloo, but he’s the old man of the pack. he loves to dig, especially in his water bowl, which he promptly tries to teach everyone who comes to visit. since he was treated for a thyroid problem, he seems to be more happy in himself but still …

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balooBaloo – Owhachyhee Pawnee

02 December 1997

top dog, Baloo is a real character, very affectionate and full of life, but very headstrong with it. the Houdini of the pack that worried the life out us when he slipped his collar in a housing estate and just ran towards a very busy road. he returned upon hearing Helen’s voice – wondering what she …

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elvisElvis – CH Huskidoo Judder Man

07 April 2000

for a dog that had no intention of entering the show ring, we were delighted when he became our first champion. Elvis has a lovely nature and doesn’t seem to be phased by anything. well, that was until Mookie turned up and followed him everywhere. in a nutshell – think ‘Forest Gump’ – awesome …

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basilBasil – Owhachyhee Hopi

15 July 2000

grey husky with an adorable personality. Basil used to run in Guy’s 3 dog team with Mookie & Elvis, but now usually runs on his own with the scooter. a real baby of the family, he is besotted with his uncle Baloo. has been known to wait for his buddy on the trail, refusing to run cos he knows Baloo …

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mookieMookie – Rigrunner Morethan Lucky

20 October 2004

quickly settling into chez Redwood and narrowly escaping the name of Benny, Mookie is a real joy. he loves cuddles and always appears if one of the other dogs is getting attention. he plays with all the others, but dotes on Elvis and can usually be found wherever Elvis is, curled up next to him or …

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benny-water-feederBenny – Rigrunner Slider

19 July 2009

Benny is the sweetest puppy ever and loved having cuddles as a pup. Mookie was a bit wary of him at first, but they are now thick as thieves and always chasing each other around the dog run. benny had a successful first season in the show ring, including BPIS at his first champ show.

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Snowy in dog runSnowy – Rigrunner Cirrocumulus

3 April 2000
rehomed with us at the age of 9 and settled in within days. Was apparently given her name by kids. occasionally trashes a room by pulling things off bookcases and desks, and then chewing them, if left unsupervised.

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TarquinTarquin – Rigrunner Jubilee Flotilla

3 May 2012
Tarquin is an incredibly sweet puppy, just like his daddy Benny.

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