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Elvis in the Dual Championship

Elvis came third in the SHCGB Dual Championship this year, announced at the club AGM on Saturday. This is one hell of an achievement. You only have to stand on the back of rig, watching him work, to comprehend what a good Siberian Husky is all about. I do think that judges should be made to take a team of huskies out to experience what it’s all about. It just makes sense when you see a dog like Elvis working without effort and then compare it to another that’s trying but just isn’t built for it.

Anyway, it’s that time of year where we pick our shows and dream of winter. We’re aiming to do less showing this year. I want to spend more time at home and enjoy a little more of Summer in the garden.

Last month, the rally season came to close with a fabulous rally in Scotland. John Carter invited the husky club up onto his land giving us an amazing set of courses with lots of turns, bumps and hills. The rally attracted a great bunch of people, who hit the town on Saturday night for a quiet meal with a few drinks. The club goes from strength to strength, and our collection of husky friends continues to grow. There’s some really nice people out there in the husky world and life’s too short not to enjoy them.