Goodbye Teba

teba_barrelit’s not been the best 12 months for us with the dogs. on the afternoon of Monday, 6 July 2009, we said goodbye to our first husky, Teba. he lost his battle with a health issue that meant he struggled to keep his food down. he left us with just under 12 years of memories to look back on. he gave us the biggest cuddles in return for leaving the least amount of room on the sofa. with only three huskies left in the house, it’s starting to feel a little empty.

1 thought on “Goodbye Teba

  1. Emily Constable

    Sorry to hear about Teba he was alovely looking boy. I have three Huskies and the oldest is 10 so i will have to go through that loss soon. Will be the worst day of my life! Would be nice if you got your Husky cam up and running again. Been following your site for a while now.

    Emily Constable

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