About Us

we live in York, UK, travel around the country for shows, rallys, husky weekends and club/monkey business.

Helen running borrowed dogsHelen

website manager for local turf & topsoil company rolawn, as well as being Guy’s secretary, book-keeper and general dogsbody. Helen gets to run the older dogs and does the showing.


well loved and respected usability & eye tracking guru. currently running the very succesful Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain website in his spare time. Guy was also on the committee for about 8 years and was co-organiser of the world famous Aviemore Sled Dog rally for a number of years. favours the working side of sibe ownership, especially the social side of post-rally-day activities.

helen running our dogsKennel Ethics

there’s plenty to learn.

you don’t need a van to work huskies.

rallies are a fun weekend away with the dogs.

we go to rallies to meet others on the trail – seeding on the first day sucks big time.

what goes around, comes around…..

you don’t need a kennel affix to own sibes.

Top Tips

be wary of most things you read online…. everybody seems to be an expert once you give them a keyboard.

be wary of anybody that says “they don’t do breed politics” – they just have done, by mentioning it.

be wary of armchair husky owners – if they’re not out their doing it, how do they know so much?

if it’s your first season attending rallies, just ask the organisor where most people are staying – they’ll be a party somewhere…. just make sure you know where.

carry your rig on the roof rack.

be wary of any breeder that is not a member of the Siberian Husky Club of GB, especially those that have guestbooks on their website with entries about fabulous puppies.

keep your mouth shut when running your dogs. it’s not just stones and mud they kick up…..