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We are often asked for recommendations of books about the siberian husky breed and working siberian huskies, so we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list. Here’s a selection of husky related books and other general dog books which we have found of interest:

Give Your Dog a Bone


Dr. Billinghurst’s most important piece of writing is the book “Give Your Dog a Bone.” Because cats and dogs have different food requirements, (cats are obligate carnivores while dogs are omnivores with a carnivorous background), he decided they each needed their own book, and that he would write the dog book first. Thus was born “Give Your Dog a Bone.” This book was launched at a 3 day Bichon Frise conference in western Sydney on the 17th November 1993. The book was advertised in all the canine breeder magazines throughout Australia.

“Give Your Dog a Bone” proved an instant hit, with many breeders adopting its ideas. Since that time it has been making steady inroads into the minds of breeders and dog owners throughout the world. To date nearly fifty thousand copies of this book have been sold. Continue reading

The Complete Siberian Husky

complete-sibeThe Complete Siberian Husky

The Complete Siberian Husky by Chris & Caroline Kisko and Sheila & Simon Luxmoore is ideal for those thinking of getting a siberian husky, as well as those wanting to learn more about working, showing, breeding & health of Siberians.

The athletic, powerful Siberian Husky has worked for man as a sled dog for more than 3,000 years. Today, the Husky is still employed in his original role by racing enthusiasts, but the breed’s versatility and stunning good looks have also enabled him to become a much-loved companion and show dog, popular with owners the world over. In this comprehensive book of the breed, the authors explore the history of the enigmatic Siberian Husky, and trace his development to the present day. Continue reading


The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod

by Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen was in his forties, an internationally famous children’s writer. Then he was overtaken by his passion – a passion for Alaskan dog-racing and a passion for the wild, beautiful landscape of the Arctic. Winterdance is the story of this passion.

Award-winning author Gary Paulsen entered the Iditarod, a gruelling 1180-mile race across Alaska, in dangerous ignorance and with fierce determination. After a spectacularly inept period of training and an even more spectacularly inept start to the race, Paulsen and his team of 15 dogs ran for 17 days through the beautiful, treacherous arctic terrain. They crossed the barren moon-like landscape of the Alaskan interior and witnessed sunrises that cast a golden blaze over the vast waters of the Bering Sea. Enduring blinding wind, snowstorms, dogfights, frostbite, moose attacks, sleep deprivation and hallucinations, he pushed on. Continue reading

The Speed Mushing Manual

speed-mushing-manualHow to Train Racing Sled Dogs

The Speed Mushing Manual by Jim Welch is an invaluable reference guide for buying, breeding, feeding, conditioning, training, equipping and racing sled dogs.

A clear and concise book on training sled dogs to race. There are specific examples to clarify most techniques and ample support for the effectiveness of each method. Continue reading