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Busy Winter, New Kitchen

what a busy Winter we’re having! busy with work, busy with rallies and busy fitting a new kitchen. Grizedale rally was superb. we had a cracking night in the pub, great food and crazy game of darts – with Leslie Robinson singing ‘gay bar’ between crys of ‘are you going to wee your doggies?’ in keeping with tradition, it rained….. but the dogs loved it and pulled me up the hill on both days. still not fit enough for a good performance on the second day (both musher and dogs), but still a pleasure to run.

we then went to our local rally in Dalby. new course, with an interesting road crossing that looked like a finish line to my boys on both days…. we had a house full with visitors. Friday night we discovered our local pub does serve good food, and Saturday took us for a great night in York – Meltons2 is a fab place to eat.

Fineshades was superb as always. we missed last year’s rally due to kennel cough – so this year we enjoyed it with a vengence. warmed by mulled wine on both days after two very pleasureable runs. Sunday was colder and the dogs ran faster. Fineshades send the 2 dog classes out first – which is always nice cos the dogs are fresh and excited – maybe that’s why they had a large D class entry?

we do need to get out more and train a little harder. Baloo is beginning to be a little bit of problem for the neighbours with his new found love of life. he’s howling and banging on the kitchen door a little bit too much. We’re going to have a go at building some dogs boxes for them to snooze in over Christmas, so they’ve got somewhere quiet and warm to snuggle up in.