Projects & Stuff

Our place to share some of the stuff we’ve done over the years.

Racehome conversion

We used to carry the dogs around in a Jeep and towed a caravan for sleeping. The whole back was caged out and comfortably fitted 4 dogs. As the older dogs started to demand more comfort (and became less tolerant of the youngsters) we decided to ditch the caravan and convert a panel van into a race home with kennels and sleeping area. The project is in it’s third year and this is our record of what we did.

Husky Proof Dog Run

We moved houses just before the millennium and the first thing that we did was create a dog run. Using knowledge gained from other members of the husky club, we built ourĀ  first enclosure for the huskies. This is how we did it.

Rig Carrier

Before we got the van, we used to carry the dogs in a 4X4. If you plan to work your dogs, you don’t need to get a van to carry everything. We managed very comfortably with our Jeep, 4 huskies andĀ 2 rigs.

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