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Seven days of puppy love

benny-water-feederBenny has been with us now for just over seven days. He’s still an absolute joy to spend time with – whether that’s playing or cuddling. Making me late for work throughout the whole of last week.

He loves ripping up newspaper and pulling magazines out from the coffee table. Runs around the house like a crazy thing not really understanding that jumping over the bigger the dogs is not the correct thing to do. Leaps onto the sofa with ease and loves his toys.

He’s been very good at night, sleeping in his crate in our bedroom. Not causing any major grief, even if disturbed when I’ve been working late.

Husky number six

benny-to-yorkToday, we headed down south to collect our new puppy, Rigrunner Slider – or Benny as he will be known. He was very well behaved in the car, only howling for 5 minutes and then slept all of the way home.

Once home,introducing him to the older boys was not as simple as we’d hoped. All of the dogs are not interested in him and Mookie has decided that he really doesn’t need another pal at the moment.