Snowy – Rigrunner Cirrocumulus

KC name: Rigrunner Cirrocumulus

pet name: Snowy

date of birth: 03 April 2000

eyes: CD, Tested January 2010

achievements: rehomed with us at the age of 9 and settled in within days. Was apparently given her name by kids. occasionally trashes a room by pulling things off bookcases and desks, and then chewing them, if left unsupervised. otherwise very happy to just sit in a chair snoozing. she does however enjoy playing chase with her nephew and great-nephew, Mookie and Benny, who she’s running with this season. likes to keep the boys in check.

Snowy went to her first ever Champ show was at Driffield 2010. unfortunately she wasn’t placed in quite a large open class, but to say she’d only been to ringcraft once or twice she behaved really well and really enjoyed her day out.


Sire:Brushbow’s Maroznay Sire:Tupilak’s Barney Sire:Zero’s Brew of Tupilak (Imp) Sire:Zero’s Milky Way II
Dam:Zero’s Gloss-Over
Dam:Tupilak’s Kriya Sire:Zero’s Jolt
Dam:Zero’s Glider
Dam:Brushbow’s Kind O’Magic Sire:Brushbow’s Krasnoarmyeyets Sire:Forstal’s Aladyn
Dam:Brushbow’s Roxanne
Dam:Brushbows Caitlin Sire:Wyphurst’s Apollo
Dam:Brushbow’s Natalie
Dam:Ch Rigrunner See Emily Play Sire:Tupilak’s Salty Sire:Zero’s Brew of tupilak (Imp) Sire:Zero’s Milky Way II
Dam:Zero’s Gloss-Over
Dam:Zero’s Flutter of Tupilak (Imp) Sire:Nekanesu’s Jet
Dam:Zero’s Sugar
Dam:Cheechako’s Charadyeyka Sire:Zoox Zachara of Gwaihir Sire:Ch Zoox Gadzheek
Dam:Ch Zoox Dukara JW
Dam:Tikchik’s Kite Sire:Kayak’s Fido of Tikchik
Dam:Tikchik’s Kometa