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inov-8 Fell Running Trainers

inov-8 terroc fell running shoesI can’t remember when I bought my first pair of inov-8 running shoes, maybe 5 years ago. I’d read about them online, after wanting something that was more suited to running than my Hunter wellies. At the time, the only other alternative in the fell running category were the traditional Walsh shoe which seemed positively primitive when compared to the inov-8s. I was one of the first mushers to start using them for dryland husky racing – the combination of wet trails, mud and snow made them ideal. There’s now a huge range to choose from with even more amazing features.

The first time I used them with the dogs, it was like getting four drive for your feet. You can tell that some very clever people have sat down and just simply created a range of high tech functional running shoes with the purpose to perform incredibly well on the hill. I’m an engineer that loves technical stuff done well. My inov-8 shoes easily rank in my alltime top 10 most amazing bits of tech. Continue reading