Rigrunner Jubilee Flotilla show results & critiques

as i’m not very good at keeping a note of show results, i thought I’d create a record on here of all Tarquin’s results and critiques which have been published.

Championship Shows

Date Show Judge Class Position
3/11/12 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Peter Steffens Minor Puppy 1st
6 month old, Wolf grey & white, nice proportioned outline, tight lips, well placed almond shaped eyes, good ear set and shape, correct front angulation, good sweep of stifle & low set hocks, good tail set and carriage, moved well for one so young.
4/11/12 SSHC Championship Show Bette Hawthorn Minor Puppy 1st
15/12/12 LKA Beryl McCallum Minor Puppy 1st
3/13 Crufts Mark Theaker Special Puppy 1st & BPIB
7/13 Leeds Roger Cruden Junior 1st
19/1/14 Manchester Nigel Richards Post Grad 2nd

Open Shows