catscats that live with huskies are technically dead. search on google for schrodinger’s cat and you may start to get the point. huskies kill cats, in fact, huskies will kill almost any small, fury animal. they know exactly where they sit in the food chain and proudly maintain that position. our cats, semi feral, were supposed to spend the days outside mousing, like proper farm cats. fortunately for the mice, the busy main road we live on, means it’s not safe to let them out. so they live in a part of the house that never sees huskies. we always keep two closed doors between the dogs and the cats and spend time with both. you hear many stories of people with cats and huskies living in alleged harmony. but all it means is the dogs haven’t killed the cat yet. if you ask around you’ll find many stories of missing moggies that used to live with huskies for many years and then one day it all went wrong. obviously these stories aren’t banded around as much as those of feline-husky bliss. could you love your husky if it jumped on your favorite pussy? how do these people know that their husky will never turn on their cat? have they got a written sworn statement witnessed by two others? and since when did huskies start keeping promises? our two remaining cats are called Meg and Tigger. the latter is excellent at catching flies but inflicts a slow death on everything he traps.