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Petzl Head Torches

Torches have improved hugely since we got our first huskies. They’re now alot brighter, lighter and the batteries last much much longer. We’ve tried many different brands of torch and now just stick with Petzl. I think Petzl call them ‘head lamps’, which must be a throw back to their origins when they invented the concept of putting a lamp battery case on a head strap. I’m pretty sure we could open a mini museum illustrating the evolution of the Petzl head torch over the last decade with all the versions we own. We use the torches for walking the dogs in winter evenings, sorting stuff out at races in the dark or just finding our way back from the pub.

Using a head torch means you have both hands free to get on with what you’re doing and also the light is always in the direction you are looking. The head straps are really comfy and the new LED versions weigh very little and fit in most pockets. Continue reading