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Doves, Decking & Rigrunner

our dogs had their eye test last weekend under the club eye scheme hosted by John Evans in Brixworth, run by the leading expert, Professor Bedford. fortunately all our dogs remained clear. it has to be said that John was looking rather well and happy in himself. I’m sure it’s more than his pending wedding that produced an aura of ‘life is wonderful’ that followed him around that day.

we’ve been busy building a deck in the back garden. for the growing number of people that’s watching the webcam each day, that’s why the dogs have been sat by the right of the run for much time – keeping an eye on our workmanship. party planning is moving along with an initial list of 75 people. if half accept, it should make a rather pleasant summer evening. our international guest has booked his flight last week!

there were two new squeakers in the dove cote. one brown and one white. it’s the first time we’ve seen two youngsters sit on the edge watching the world go by. As I typed this out in the garden – Helen found the white youngster, minus a head in the grass. I do wish the cats would pick on the more ‘pigeon coloured’ doves in preference to the white ones.

This weekend sees us back in the show ring, Kelso on Saturday and then Carlisle on the Sunday…. I think. one thing is for sure, the fun starts on Friday lunchtime when the rigrunner clan visit, to break up their journey north.

Barrels and a 5th Husky

the dog run is looking a lot smarter now. all 5 barrels are sat on a rack – yup we’ll be adding a young boy to our pack at some point soon. I won’t do the soapbox speech about spreading your dogs out over the years to help keep your pack stable, oap vet bills down and just simply enjoying a pack of mature dogs without upstarts finding their place. the kids now have an extended roof on the dog run and walls have been painted again. I’ll try to take some photos and update the (hidden) information on how we built our dog run for all those curious, soon.

there are some big things on the radar at chez redwood, 2004 could be a real vintage. due to popular demand, we will be having another summer party this year. rsvps will be sent out soon, i think our bedrooms are already nearly booked up. watch this space.